Soil Stabilizer M10+50™ is a 100% ACRYLIC LIQUID POLYMER SOIL MODIFIER. M10+50™ modifier is an all acrylic, Re-dispersible LIQUID soil stabilizer designed to improve the performance of soils. By incorporating this polymer modifier can attain the dramatic improvements in adhesion, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, and exterior durability that are associated with acrylics. They also get the convenience and cost effectiveness of a one-pack system.

M10+50™ is supplied as a LIQUID, which soils engineers, can blend directly with aggregate, soil and other formulation aids to form a “one-pack” system. One-component systems reduce environmental waste (used containers) and lower the shipping and packaging costs. All the end user must do in the field is adding water and mix. It has been proven that the use of a properly equipped soil-stabilizing machine provides excellent results. Please consult an Enviroseal Representative for stabilizer machine requirements.

M10+50™ polymers possess a host of appealing features for the end user. Some of the most important are as follows:

  • Acrylic performance: excellent mechanical strengths and adhesion unsurpassed exterior performance (wet and LIQUID).
  • Low water demand with good workability.
  • Excellent thin-section toughness and adhesion.
  • Outstanding resistance to UV degradation.

M10+50™ also furnishes important benefits for the soils engineer such as:

  • Excellent storage stability, i.e., free flowing.
  • Lower shipping costs.
  • Wide formulating latitude: compatible with commonly used additives.
  • No admixture container disposal costs. Soils engineers no longer need to settle for the performance of non-acrylic LIQUID modifiers in their single component LIQUID mixes such as cement, lime, or fly ash.

M10+50™ gives stabilizers the ability to obtain the superior interior and exterior performance properties associated with all-acrylic soil modifiers, now in LIQUID form.

Typical Physical Properties
Appearance: Free Flowing, White LIQUID
Polymer Type: 50% Acrylic Co-polymer Solids
Bulk Density: Approximately 8.8 lbs./p/gallon

The M10+50™ polymers were developed for use for the U.S. Military for use in cementitious soil stabilization applications in which a one-package LIQUID mix is desired. The application includes:
1. The permanent stabilization of soils

Performance Advantages
The key performance advantages of M10+50™are its improved wet adhesion, mechanical strengths, and superior weatherability. These performance advantages make M10+50™ an ideal polymer to use in exterior applications or applications where water resistance is critical. M10+50™ has shown excellent compatibility and performance in fast setting soil stabilization. Soils may be used as soon as the final compaction criteria are met.

Exterior Durability:
M10+50™ is more resistant to weathering than other stabilizers using modifiers based on other chemistries. As is typical of 100% co-polymers, M10+50™ is highly resistant to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Over 20 years of exterior exposure on soils modified with 100% acrylic polymers show the superior performance advantages of all acrylic, and acrylic modified stabilizers over that of non-acrylic polymers.

Adhesion and Toughness Soils:
Prepared withM10+50™ polymers show excellent adhesion, as well as thin section toughness. Superior adhesion is observed on a variety of substrates including concrete, metal, gypsum sheathing, cement board, masonry and polystyrene insulation board. Workability consistency longer without a false set even at elevated temperatures.

Storage and Handling:
M10+50 is a stabile inorganic compound, thermoplastic polymer and ideally should be stored at room temperatures between -20 f to 125 f. Prolonged storage at temperatures above 140°F should be avoided; care should be taken to limit stacking of pallets more than (2) two high. The M10+50 will be shipped in poly drums with a maximum capacity of 490 pounds (222.64 kg) tare weight. And shrink-wrapped four to the pallet

General Information:
M10+50™ is designed to be added directly to the soil mix. This free flowing acrylic LIQUID disperses readily through the soil without special treatment. Adding water to the M10+50 then mixing it in with a soil stabilizer machine activates the M10+50. The amount of modifier employed depends on both the end use of the soil and the combination of any other ingredients in the soil mix. The soils engineer can achieve the best balance of properties at 0.075 % to 2.5% polymer modification on soil by weight. The water addition should be, depending on ambient weather conditions approximately one to one and one half percent above optimum moisture. This allows a proper moisture increase so that finish grading and compaction should be in line with the requirements as specified with the soils engineer without having to add additional water.

Safe Handling Information
Enviroseal Corporation maintains comprehensive and up-to-date Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all of its products. These sheets contain pertinent information that you may need to protect your employees and customers against any known health or safety hazards associated with our products. Toxicity screening tests conducted with closely related analogs of M10+50 suggest that this product should be essentially non-toxic by single acute oral or dermal exposure and that it may be a mild skin and eye irritant. Components of SOIL used in conjunction with M10+50 may also possess significant skin and eye irritation potential. As is typical when working with all chemical LIQUIDS, ensure that adequate DERMAL protection measures are taken. Please refer to the MSDS for more specific protection measures. Enviroseal Corporation recommends that you obtain copies of our Material Safety Data Sheets. Suggestions for uses of our products or the inclusion of descriptive material is available on request.