Clay Stabilizer “LBS™” stands for “Liquid Base Stabilizer”, and it does just what the name implies. It reduces plasticity in clay and lime bearing soils to a point that the soil becomes stabile. Clay Stabilizer LBS™ can be used in all climates, applied at temperatures over 32 f / 0 c. We have special blends that work in the rain forests with soil moisture over 50%, to the steps of China where we work equally well with soil moisture near 0%. LBS™ has unlimited shelf life. LBS™ removes the possibility of these treated soils from absorbing moisture. Thus providing a stabile road base; one that can support the heaviest of traffic conditions in a matter of hours. Surfacing / Sealing should be completed with Enviroseal 2001™ or LDC™ for a more natural look.  This Enviroseal road building technique offers the user a 50% to 80% savings over conventional construction methods.