Liquid Dust Control Enviroseal LDC PLUS 12™

Liquid Dust Control LDC +12™ is An acrylic blended polymeric product that is diluted with available water up to 10:1, provides long term dust control in mines, dirt roads, agriculture or farm roads, stockpiled material, or haul roads. LDC +12™ has been successfully used throughout the world. We recently discovered a remarkable new wetting agent that allows LDC +12™ to penetrate in dry soils up to 12 cm about 6″ We call this product Durawet™. Farm roads, our dust prevention has been proven increase the crop production by as much as 30%, simply by letting the leaves on the plants get full access to the sun and rain without dust’s coating effects. It should be noted that after repeated applications a hardened surface will appear. LDC+12™ is an environmentally safe, low cost chemical solution which is mixed with water and applied to soil with results of up to 100% dust control and elimination of problems associated with soil and wind erosion. As a barrier against moisture, LDC+12™ is so effective that when used in sufficient concentration, it forms an impenetrable liner. This liner can be used for a pond or chemical pit to prevent seepage into the ground water supply. When sprayed on embankments, LDC+12™ will control erosion due from rain and wind. Because of it’s chemical resistance, to toxic wastes, it has been found to be excellent for use in landfills, brown fields and retention ponds. For extra UV protection we add a superior UV filter that increases the longevity at least 2 fold over the natural ability of our proprietary blended acrylic compounds. See our new video showing an 8 to 1 dilution penetration being sprayed at 35 gallons per minute 12 cm deep. Typically a dust control agent will only penetrate about ½”.

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